Dear blog family

Late entry today… I’ve literally done planes, trains, and automobiles; three quarters a bottle of red when I somehow ended up flying business with Qantas; and serious tribal stomping in my backyard with the puppies to celebrate my return.

Last week was about 20% fun 80% suck. I had a few revelations that had me downward spiraling for more hours than I’d like to mention. These include:

1. I’ve turned into a laptop bitch, one of those people I usually can’t stand – the ones that ‘HAVE to have wireless and a notebook at aaaaall times’.

2. I am very homesick and need some new ‘coping mechanisms’.

3. I think I need to get a job since I can’t seem to focus at the moment as decent as when I was in the States… and there’s no reason for me to not bread hunt under these circumstances (boo?).

Now onto the top FUN and BEST things

1. Meeting the talented Writer yt sumner in the beautiful flesh for the first time… with a smile that will literally knock your socks off and a lollypop red bicycle. DIG HER WRITING HERE!!! AND HERE!!!

2. St Patrick’s Day… as you already may have followed on twitter…

3. Melbourne… period.

So apparently this week will include things like job, moving, words, edits, submissions, more words, and a decent amount of coffee.

Here are a few favorite bits about last week…