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Month: November 2009 (page 1 of 6)


100_1725Recently there was a fatal accident in my family that involved the abrupt loss of a brilliant life, my Uncle Mark. Continue reading

over here over there

Trying to balance a life on two continents is moderately sucking. This is sort of because it simply reminds me that  I have to make more decisions. Continue reading

what i’m learning as a writer

Since I’m little Ms Self Critical I tend to be insanely harsh on myself as an Artist. Plus when you’re freelancing (or whatever it is that I’m doing…) and no one is around to say ‘do this, don’t do that…’ you completely have to be.
Continue reading

thanksgiving highlights and top 10

100_1608My first Thanksgiving in seven years did not disappoint! Continue reading


For the past eight years in Australia I’ve tried to explain the deal behind Thanksgiving and usually come100_1547 across thick tongued with words that sound like ‘ummm… pilgrims… native americans… food?’ Continue reading

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