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Month: January 2010 (page 1 of 6)

fishing, fire, and free verse

Yesterday it was apparently 3 degrees F outside (-16C). Considering that I have been inducted into the clan of bad-ass ice fishers since my attendance at the derby last week… I spent the afternoon once again out on the ice. Continue reading

jersey shore for the record

As we’ve been over, my entire family reigns from Jersey. Continue reading

i think this part’s important

Alright blog family… it is the official final leg of this particular NYC visit. The excitement of returning to Australia is churning in my belly for many many reasons… too many to list in fact. On that note, it’s been some time since we’ve had a top 10, I reckon one’s due! Continue reading

multitudinous enrapture

‘The best part of beauty is that which no pictures express.’ – Bacon

multitudinous enrapture

The lunar crescent of his smile invites
my exploration. Evidence of life.
It waxes and wanes with soft silver light,
Illuminates features sharp as a knife.
Complexity of blue shines from his eyes
inventing spectrum shades yet undefined,
perhaps once captured by a midnight sky.
My gaze addicted to colour refined.
He speaks to me in truth and endearment,
With cello string words, an orchestral tone.
Sound so sweet, I get lost in the content.
His natural scent, addictive cologne.
He knows not of this physical appeal,
real beauty projects from something surreal.


we only want you to write this

I wonder if establishing yourself as a Writer means having to be dedicated to one genre. I think in the past I talked about writing under different aliases and how, although it makes sense, it also complicates my life too much. Being ‘gretchen’ alone takes enough out of me. Continue reading

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