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music and musing

March 31, 2010 Posted by gretchen

For four years I was mad involved with college radio, WXCI 91.7 Danbury Connecticut in fact. I grew up stealing my sisters’ cassette tapes and listening to HOT 97 out of New York City. I’ve been listening to HOT 97 on and off for so long, I remember BEFORE they played hip hop and were a dance music station.

That’s hardcore people. (more…)


she’s still at it

March 30, 2010 Posted by gretchen

I spent today reviewing work, editing, moving stuff around and reading reading reading.

There was a lot of ‘yes, no, maybe’ happening while I read through different pieces. I carried on this way for a few hours and then felt a bit ick about the whole thing.

It’s a mysterious process blog family. I (more…)


blog sorting, word spilling, job getting

March 29, 2010 Posted by gretchen

We’re approaching blog post 200 fellow cult members and art tribe. (more…)



March 28, 2010 Posted by gretchen

Some of our dedicated cult members might recall my chatter about detoxing back in January, today marks day one of  my latest visit to un-funville. I need to focus… (more…)



March 26, 2010 Posted by gretchen

Yesterday a poem was pieced together by myself and the most talented Markezz. It is the second piece we’ve done together… collaborations with other word artists always add such incredible new texture and sound to a piece. Thank you again to Markezz for bringing our new poem to life…

the survival of absence while living through gone (more…)

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