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Month: April 2010 (page 1 of 6)

sidestepping a pattern of uneven pace

Dear Mr Pick-up Truck
Slowing down at the white painted
slamming on the breaks.
Your intention is not one
of courtesy. Long legs strut
past you with a manicured wave.
Another wanted whistle
A smile that just might
make your morning. Continue reading

two small terriers

So I’m trying to find a house to rent that’s not garbage in a decent neighborhood… easier said than done.

And of course there’s the issue of the ‘two small terriers’. I think this adequately describes the puppies. What sort of a landlord doesn’t want a property full of puppies?

Out of concern that negative connotation attaches to the term ‘terrier’ I’ve adjusted my query phrasing to, ‘Ummm, what’s the animal policy?’ Or ‘Two small dogs…’

We’re at the stage of calling in ugly moving favors in from mates down south. Things from, ‘So when can I borrow your truck?’ to ‘Are you ready for the six houses I need you to spend your Saturday inspecting for me?’

Then there’s the consistent favorite of the locals being hit up, ‘Will you come over and help me pack? I have tequila…’ Continue reading

more train poetry and the moon at my house

I don’t understand much about the stars down here. All of the constellations are different and if it doesn’t involve the words ‘southern cross’ I really don’t know what you’re talking about.

However… I have no issue lying on the roof of anyone’s car miles outside of a city watching shooting stars for hours. Those are some of my favorite kind of nights. Continue reading

facebook inadvertently complicates my life

Every time I try to ‘facebook’ thunderbolts of complication seem to rattle my roots. The good thing is they usually fade off into distant tremors after a fairly short time. However, I have been known to pike halfway through this waiting period. Continue reading

troy: from chairs to bras – a sniffing snapping odyssey

As we are slowly learning, although I try to stay away from them… politics fascinate me.

Liberal Treasurer in Western Australia, Troy Buswell, might get sacked after a Greens MP came forward about an affair the two public servants were having.

Like Bill and Monica, for example. Continue reading

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