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Month: May 2010 (page 1 of 6)

when the world speaks to you in poetry

a foggy dusk of what and was

His whistle.
Threw my branches.
Far from the tree.
Where I belong.
And I remember how the wind tasted.
Queensland winter prick.
Where people start to phone in sick.
I called to let you know.
I haven’t been feeling well lately.
There is no skin on my knees.
Left to be torn.
Purple kneecap scars.
Replace what doesn’t seem far.
When (day) becomes (night)…
The day
You called me
Baby. Continue reading

buttoning snaps


… just made it.

buttoning snaps

I can’t break our body
Clocks. Your 5 o’clock disguise.
My 3am surprise.
See we aren’t supposed
To be (in)different.
I stomp loudly and free. Continue reading

loving madness poetry during a full moon

I’ve heard before that madness is love and love is madness. Either or, both generate fabulous poetry. Continue reading

because you can never move enough

Scratch Melbourne. Moving a few buildings closer to work for a brief period. Many buildings closer…

I’m moving to a building and I’m not leaving without some sort of published item that has ‘book’ attached to whatever you choose to call it… ‘self published’ book ‘gretchen cello’s’ book ‘worst’ book ‘ever’.

I need to sort it out. Continue reading

oh… you ‘blog’?

Somewhere over the evolution of humanhood the word ‘blog’ was invented. Apparently it stems from the word ‘weblog’ that floated down from some other far away land of ‘ummm… i don’t know… what do you think we should call it?’s.

Like ‘tapirs’, for example.

This is my 246th consecutive post. I’m not really sure what ‘blog’ means. But I am writing my ass off and learning shit loads. Continue reading

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