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Month: July 2010 (page 1 of 5)

brewing stories. smoking hookahs

Happy weekend blog family as we bid July farewell and move into the final month of summer.

Last night my roommate and I decided that we needed to go out. Really… we needed to…. between the insanely long hours he works and me trying to balance word sorting and nervous breakdown patterns… going out was imperative.

Our wanders led to a divine West Village hideaway where we were tucked into a tiny linen fortress and presented with deliciousness after deliciousness while one of the hottest women I have ever seen in my life shook her hips and rolled her body in ways that simply defy my previous understanding of human possibility. Continue reading

are they gonna pay you? (insert giggles)

Today is my mother’s birthday. Tomorrow I travel out to visit. I phoned her earlier to sing birthday songs. Part of our conversation sounded like this:

‘Have you started your job yet?’

‘No… but someone offered me a venue to host a spoken word night on Sundays.’

‘Are they going to pay you for that?’

… and then we both literally broke into fits of laughter. BWAHAHAHAA!! Continue reading

Post 312! You’re one of ‘those’?

I have been so off my face with jobs and books and running and ranting I didn’t even notice my 300th post straight come and go! Usually I make note when I flip a hundred… like here and hereContinue reading

standup, spoken, sand, short fast & deadly

Namaste my beloved cult clan

First: I was published this week in the extremely dope lit mag Short, Fast, and Deadly. I learned about SFD after reading a piece by Senior Editor Joseph A.W. Quintela that was published with another one of my favorites, Bananafish Magazine;”>While you are clicking around gobbling word goodies, do make sure to catch up on the writing of Bananafish Editor Daniel McDermott as well. Feel free to run off for coffee first… I’ll wait here… Continue reading

dormant details shaking sense

dormant details shaking sense

You open your eyes with foreign disorientation. Beside you is someone you loved a very long time ago. The fact that you loved them isn’t on your mind – it’s the way that you loved them.

You loved this person in a new way when they told you to never wear lipstick because ‘…your mouth is too beautiful to be covered with anything except for my lips.’

And when you kissed, it was like swallowing sky. Continue reading

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