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Month: August 2010 (page 1 of 5)

pieces of book. books of pieces.

I’ve been trying to focus on my next book. Some days I think it will be short stories, sometimes I envision a novel, and then something knocks me about and I end up writing poetry for weeks at a time.

Here’s a segment of one of my many book-like pieces I’m presently playing with. Continue reading

money. library. sigorney weaver.

Happy Monday Cult Members

I went on my third interview (yes, third) with a joint in midtown that might give me a job… because my other jobs are making me wait too long… and broke-dom is setting in. I don’t think this job is going to pay me any money, but they’ll let me write a bit, and all 3 000 people I’ve interviewed with so far are cool.

And I’m all about cool people…

Right now I am writing you all from the New York Public Library on 5th Avenue. Writers and libraries go together like macaroni and cheese. There will be photos…

Speaking of photos. That’s Sigorney Weaver to your right. Continue reading


As a Writer, no where has opportunities like New York City… in my humble opinion. And no place else has New Yorkers…

Watching the sunrise in Queens a few days back, one of my favorite people and I were discussing New Yorkers. He made me laugh saying something like ‘We’re the only “-ers”, New Yorkers… You don’t have Los Angeles-ers or Chicago-ers.’ I chimed in with ‘Same in Australia, no Melbourne-ers… Sydney tries to have “Sydney-siders”, which is whack to begin with.’ Continue reading

city… country… switch… release…

The novelty of being able to escape to my parents’ crib in the forest to rework my words and adjust how my head is screwed on, any time at my leisure, makes me very happy.

I spent seven years with a 10 000 mile gap. Ninety minutes travel these days ain’t nothin.

I met someone from Turkey yesterday and we discussed what it’s like when you leave your entire family for a whole new country on your own. It’s one of those topics where, when you find someone else that’s done it, you immediately begin gesticulating wildly with wider eyes. Continue reading

articles… editing… cards… poems… sunrise

I like being busy, particularly when it comes to my Writing. I think one of the reasons I took to writing as kid was the convenience of being able to work on something from anywhere you are. Notebooks and pens are easy to carry around…

I’ve been writing an article about the spoken word event I attended last week for a site called UrbanBallers . And I’ve started writing poetry (yet again) because I need to put together a portfolio for when I apply to Columbia.

I’m struggling with whether to apply in the stream of ‘poetry’ or ‘fiction’ because, as I verified at my appointment with the school on Tuesday – you have to choose one or the other. God forbid you uniquely fall outside of this category.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my poetry… but no more or less than any other creative style. Continue reading

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