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The girl smirks with each hair twist tangling her dry tresses to a new life of dreadlocks. She likes the boy that’s doing them – his tattooed calf and headscarf, dreadlocks with many years on the doe getting twisted.

She briefly eyes me on arrival. I’m ordering a double espresso and feeling guilty about staining my teeth.

The doe checks me out when I sit across from her at a low black coffee table. She pretends not to see me smile and moves to a separate table in front of the neighbouring barbershop.

Dreadlock man with the beard and flip-flops twists and attempts awkward chitchat. The attempts never last.

Much to my dismay, a West End smackie stumbles off the block. ‘Lookin to buy some marijuana mate!’

‘Sorry mate I can’t help you,’ I said unsure of whether or not he catches my accent. His bleached rattail claims he doesn’t. Continue reading

costume alterations

costume alterations

‘It’s because I can’t reach,’ she revealed behind dark eyelashes, the only curtain remaining.

He watched her shift and wondered if it seemed as loud to any of the others. Hungry admirers awaiting the next act. He was tired of the play. He wished she would lift the curtain. Continue reading

the driver. piece of a story.

A piece of a piece I am working on… peace and love luscious cult of word junkies!

the driver

Traveling in a small pack is effective until the show starts, then your three set splits to separate corners and each individual focused on is convinced you’re there alone. They’re convinced you’re their best friend when you say things like ‘That’s that shiz’ and discretely pinch your pointer and thumb to crack a bag with a scent that would lift the whole room if you didn’t close it just as quick.

And then you name your price. Continue reading

start next week. back in the game.

It’s officially on my most perfect collection of gorgeousness… next week work time kicks off! This means black coffee every morning, clothing with creases, and word slinging in a whole new way. My job will involve mostly reading complicated things that genius-like people write about national transport happenings in Australia and breaking it down into language for the people.

Yup… I take word nerd to a whole new level… Continue reading

my favorite fall

my favorite fall

In autumn I saw him
Standing on a sidewalk. Street beat shuffle.
Where are you going?
The sound of words singing; be still.
My beating heart.
One locked look, and I desired… Continue reading

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