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Month: January 2011 (page 1 of 5)

sit still. slave on.

Continuing on with two jobs, webpage maintenance, puppy entertaining and book writing isn’t as easy as it looks. Fortunately I have all of you checking in to keep me on with it. Between the cult and the puppies, most stress is alleviated. I think my last nervous breakdown was significant enough to keep me steadily drifting for a brief period. Continue reading

discovery of distance

discovery of distance

i stay tied up. all day. until
i reach privacy. closed curtain. sunset rhythm. Continue reading

paint. book. poetry.

I roll with spray-painters and think it’s a fair assumption to say there are likely many paint-like people in our cult.

Unlike Manhattan where Giuliani kicked off the hardcore “let’s throw all the spray-painters in prison” policy back when, Melbourne somewhat embraces the art form. (just don’t get caught)

My neighborhood is a wonderfully colorful place with pretty tags and pictures all around. Continue reading

buried fortune. the puppies are coming too.

The puppies are coming to New York City blog family. I trust this move is approved by our board of Cult. Sure this makes my life just that much more complicated in the long run, but hell, why not make it all a bit more difficult? Continue reading

knee break stakes

knee break stakes

my head jerks. left. right?
back to front.
you are supposed to be.
here is all
i have. collages of allegiance. Continue reading

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