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difference of out loud

I have been very blessed to write with the insanely talented Rick Menace on a few occasions. As our next project, the two of us have been planning on mixing words and beats for a long time coming.

When I say a long time, I’m talking months. It’s funny. A lot of people tend to say, “We should do this…” or “How about we…” and never come through. Since I met Rick, I’ve recognized him as family. And although my head and earthly life get kicked from here to high hell – he never gives up on me. His patience and unconditional love toward me remind me of the benefits of a human incarnation.

I can’t wait for the product of our next production.

I spent time tonight reading my work and recording my voice. One edit only – no second takes. Continue reading

turning volumes…

turning volumes

There was noise
Around me. Your grip
Remaining like ice,
Not in a cold way,
I froze within
Emotion unspoken. Continue reading

get it how you can james. just don’t lie.

So I’ve been reading A million little pieces by James Frey. I started reading it because when I plucked it off the shelf and popped it open at the second hand bookshop, I was fascinated by the lack of paragraphs, quotation marks, and random capitalization use.

I was not aware that the title was an Oprah’s Book Club selection, nor was I aware of the surrounding controversy.

I start reading what it is labeled as ‘memoir’ and am already having doubts fifty pages in. Don’t get me wrong, James Frey is an excellent Writer, no doubt about that. But is James Frey the drug addict criminal he’s trying to convince readers of?

Probably not. Continue reading

favorite people… cartwheels… words… food…

Certain things repair everything.

I was conversing with a favorite person the other day about my recent gloomy days. I told her I’d been writing a lot and she asked, “Are you enjoying it?”

My immediate reply: “No.”

This bothered me for some time after. Like when you eat something sweet and can’t get to a toothbrush quick enough. I made me feel temporarily rotten. Continue reading

massage… movies… moving… puppies…

Someone I love took me to have a massage today. My shoulders were twisted and squeezed and all kinds of wonderful pops exploded my tense bits in abundant releases of toxins.

I’ve never had a massage before… it was spectacular. Afterwards I was whisked away to a lookout where I marveled at the mysterious land I am presently tucked in, took many deep breaths, thought about my book, and sat happily in silence with one of Australia’s finest.

Possibly one of the Universe’s finest. Continue reading

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