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Month: May 2011 (page 1 of 6)

bafflement of poetry volume two

After clicking my heels yesterday over quite possibly one of the final copies of Poetry: Volume One to be issued I realized… damn. Poetry: Volume Two is set to be released in eight weeks-ish.

That’s madness blog family. Continue reading

cop that cranky pants

I had a bit of the Monday icks today. You know how sometimes you have the icks and you don’t realize it until something happens and you growl at someone, or you suddenly feel your forehead ache from creasing because you’ve inadvertently been scowling for so long.

… it was those sort of icks.

During my lunch break I was pretending to sit in the break room and fiddle with my iPad when all I was really doing was staring downward and reciting the “Two more weeks until New York City… Two more weeks until New York City…” mantra in my mind.

That’s when my phone lit up. Continue reading

book of poem… new york city style…

During my last leg of New York City I filled a book with a somewhat experimental super long prose-y like poem. After I completed the cover to cover task. I tossed it aside and said, “One day I must read that…”

This is what I’ve been spending my day doing. Reading the piece, typing it out. Shaking my head a bit. And occasionally murmuring, “I remember how that felt…”

Some of my favorite lines I’ve come across so far include: Continue reading

jazz club. puppies. happy-like things.

Over the previous rainbow of days I’ve been running around thinking about books and words and immersing myself in things that make my world happy.

The puppies make me happy. In fact, if I wasn’t always chasing them around, I may have strayed from Australia long ago. They keep me in line. I literally just had to stop typing so Lily could chew my wrist… lol.

Ten piece jazz bands make me happy, particularly when they’re accompanied by sexy scat singers. Continue reading

piece of a poem…

I used… hoped… jewelry could be… enough. Convincing.
Shining my circles To polished rings. For you’re…
Consumption. Understanding. In the end. Finality. Continue reading

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