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Directed by Chris Loupos

Written by Gretchen Cello


The Carrier from Chris Loupos on Vimeo.


verified volcano

verified volcano

My boiling stomach erupts.
Emotional uncertainty. Continue reading

blah blah… etc…

Over the past 72 hours I’ve somewhat transformed into a mush of flesh moving here and there, working a lot still. I haven’t been very social. I have six days left of this trip. It went too fast like I knew it would.

Yesterday I discussed more work things. I haven’t gained any certainty yet, so perhaps I might hear something next week.

This stiff position of waiting and running out of time is ineffable. Meanwhile, I saw a friend of mine a few quick times before they were whisked away to European Seas. I’m finding this brief interaction is also contributing to my present state of stand-off-ish.

Man did those first two weeks fly… Continue reading


We left while the raven sky remained deep with concluding dreams across the city. Stirring slumbers fought eyes reminding spirits to open to another day, while desires kept them comforted in the celestial oath of how things could be. Continue reading

adjusting volumes of signs…

adjusting volumes of signs

he redefines. my dialect. i recite
characteristics. daily motions. covering
closing my… reach… just a little… further. Continue reading

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