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Month: August 2011 (page 1 of 4)

more to say. really.

Namaste blog family

While I realize I seem quite silent lately, my Internet connection at Hotel Berlin is garbage. I even made a video for you and everything which I spent three (yes three) hours trying to post.

It’s not happening. Continue reading

talking beyond: perception of tries

talking beyond: perception of tries

tears seemed only
appropriate. string acoustics;
i pierced; myself
dripping beside marble pillars. Continue reading

one hundred at a time

I tapped into FollowMeToNYC recently and was greeted by 100 cult members visiting at once. This is a lot for me – it’s like a million.

This came at a perfect time where I’m literally in between worlds with one foot in Australia, a few toes on Manhattan, and my heart beating crazy for Berlin where I’ll be in three days.

Yesterday was the last day of my job here in Melbourne. It’s the first time I’ve left a job that I actually like. Usually quitting is a lot more fun. Being the creative monkey I am, it’s pretty amazing when I stumble into random work that I don’t find terrible.

Never the less! My snazzy New York City
job starts in thirteen days! With it comes the construction of my sacred writing space and final novel phases. I’ve been saying for 700 days that I’m going to get to New York City and finish whacking out my first novel… so here we go!

I nearly had a heart attack when there were over 100 of us in these parts when I rocked up the other day. I wonder how many are going to come out of the cracks when we’re regularly LIVE from Manhattan…

cheers to 700 STRAIGHT. checkcheck.

Here’s me raising my glass to the cult and toasting today’s 700th CONSECUTIVE POST!

I realize I make it look effortless… blogging every day ain’t as easy as it seems. Neither is having fresh photos, trying to organize content, figuring out how to actually tell the world about our land here, and writing books in between.

Good think I’m a magickal fairy princess… my wand has gotten a lot of use over the past 700 days.

While I will spend today celebrating, it would not be true Gretchen Cello form if there wasn’t some sort of nervous breakdown slightly bubbling. I received an email yesterday from our friendly job crew in New York City that sounded something like… Continue reading

take it to ink

Nothing helps me make sense of a phase of life like ink. Not just writing… literal ink on paper is what I’m on about today blog family.

As the world continues to progress into a digital abyss, I understand the handy tool of key clacking. Key clacking is sweet to a Writer whizzing through chapters or polishing something up to share with their cult.

My favorite sort of Writing remains to be in ink, for a variety of reasons. I understand the number one
reason to be the therapeutic effect. I find that scribbling in my books reduces stress levels, predominantly because there is no sub-conscious buzz to hit a word count, create a great ending, or keep someone engaged. Continue reading

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