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Month: September 2011 (page 1 of 5)

how it was. to me.

how it was (to, me)

there is no convincing
a lie. what you tell people
i am. i plant roots.

to, me
wish nothing. hypocrisy.
my one awareness.

arriving with un-telling.
sideways glance.
laughing. down.

how i admire
your perfect freedom.
within an agreed refinement.

praise for the dirt
beneath my fingernails.
DNA of clawing






lately it’s looked like.

Dear Blog Family

Lately life has looked a bit like this:












I’ll be talkative again soon. I appreciate the love and understanding. x

sweet afton. astoria.

Sweet Afton is located at 30-09 34th Street, Astoria. I found it by standing on Broadway with my finger on the trigger of the NY Times The Scoop app. A free addition to your phone that will brighten the day of any NYC local.

After tapping “nearby” I was whisked away to Sweet Afton where I was greeted with a Happy Hour blackboard announcing all beers are $4 before 7pm. And might I add, when the waitress asked if I required another beer and I declined with a quarter glass full she kindly persisted, “That’s ok. I just thought… because happy hour’s ending…”

I tried another beer. Six Point Sweet Action… spectacular.

Initially I guzzled a pint of seasonal Oktoberfest brew accompanied by fried pickles with a smoked sauce. Yes. Battered. Fried. Pickles.


If you happen to catch Sweet Afton during a weekly or brunch happy hour, you too can indulge in two delicious icy pints and a basket of fried pickles for NINE DOLLARS.

Sweet Afton prides itself on being the local gastro haunt. I’m no foodie… but the array of beers mixed with menu items like grilled cheese on pullman loaf with pickles, wholegrain mustard and your choice of Irish Cheddar, Swiss Gruyere, or Muenster basically made me wet my pants.

Furthermore, I am a major pickle fan. So when there’s mention of a “Dirty Pickle Martini” (which I simply could not fit this time but will come back for) – you’ve basically got a customer for life.

And they serve chips with malt vinegar.

wall street is still occupied

For over a week now, a collection of cult associates have been sleeping in Zucotti Park in lower Manhattan during the peaceful gathering: #OccupyWallStreet. After a clip of the NYPD macing a group of women went viral yesterday, the event is getting a bit more news attention. However, considering the effort thus far, it has received poor main stream media coverage.

I think there are many reasons for this, none of them exactly right in my mind. Yesterday during the commotion there were eighty arrests in a crowd of approximately 2000.

I attended a general assembly tonight, a lot of the talk is how to deal with unwarranted police aggression. I think it’s disappointing that this is such a serious matter.

While the duration of #OccupyWallStreet remains uncertain, it is clear that a large number of people are trying to be heard and for some reason are being ignored by the media. Twitter, for example, refuses to trend #ourwallstreet or #occupywallstreet – even though at one stage I was refreshing over 70 new tweets discussing it every thirty seconds.

Regardless of what the week brings forward, everyone downtown deserve respect for maintaining a peaceful, productive, gathering for over a week now.

I wonder if the government is listening…

varlow at paintworks … aka brooklyn art show

I attended an art show in Brooklyn last night. The invitation I received read as so:

Gowanus Ballroom and Flambeaux Fire invite you to Paint Works, a group painting exhibition showcasing emerging and established artists in and around Brooklyn. Plus Fire and Aerial performances throughout the night, including special performances by Flambeaux Fire in Veronica Varlow’s debut Flambeaux Fire performance. Continue reading

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