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Month: October 2011 (page 1 of 4)

halloween in new york city

What better occasion to conclude the latest (and largest!) nervous breakdown to date. I love you blog family, I’m fully over-timing on getting it together. Here’s to the next 780 posts on FollowMeToNYC (though probably not consecutive…)

Sponsored by your New York City cult collective. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I’ve missed you, you know. x Continue reading

on second thought

Maybe I just need to tone down the whole “every day” thing. Continue reading

touch. exchange.

touch (exchange)

what if
i told spike heels to a glass floor.
i struck bass in soprano zone.

i gave you Continue reading

angels around me

Since I was a little girl, I’m talking as far back as I can recall into single digits – I’ve been aware and in contact with angels. Everyone is, I think it’s just a matter of how much time goes into thinking about it.

I put a lot.

Recently, after my angels completely delivered on the NYC package, I’ve been talking over many other components of my life with them. There’s probably one other person I might be able to talk to about what needs to be discussed, but they do not want to talk to me.

I left my apartment for work today with my Berlin angel in my pocket. During a taxi ride to work (it’s raining like a bitch in NYC today) the driver Kevin and I became acquainted while cackling over everyone on Madison Avenue and 45th Street with umbrellas blown inside out.

For that split moment, I stopped thinking about the person who won’t talk to me whilst laughing off ass.

One of the books I’m completing is about being in touch and tune with your angels, it’s important. Trust me, they deliver. In every shape, size, flavor and sound.

I am sure quite certain many of you already agree.

library walk

Whilst dangling out of my 18th story window the other day in giddy delight during a much required sister visit, I noticed the New York City public library is down the street from me.


Considering this page began barefoot in a Queensland farmhouse roughly 1,000 kilometers north of Sydney… it’s quite spectacular, really.

Furthermore, my walk to work each day involves me wandering across Library Walk and up 5th Avenue.

I literally just laughed out loud typing that.

I have all these large aspirations of content organization, new page construction, story submission, and other things.

Madness. Everywhere…

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