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Month: November 2011 (page 1 of 4)

weren’t we. supposed. too.

weren’t we. supposed. too.

He keeps me
On this list
Beside a pose
For your speculation.

My green eyes
Hot with fire
From one decade
Back to forward.


He wears
Glasses. A cowboy hat.
A stargazer lily.
My doorbell at midnight.

Wife. Child. Sold
Again reverse clicks
To more than a comfortable
Gear. For survival.

a tremulous shine

a tremulous shine

the box said
i liked that
was making me
like glitter.

that something
and flat. shaped
to what is inside
stars. constellations
to count.

pieces. you’re
wash. condition.


black hole swimming: release of gravity

black hole swimming: release of gravity

it was all. for nothing.
but one single moment,

clawed. re-opened. explosion.
scars. painting me purple

to shut up. hidden talent
extracting a staircase,

you choose. up.


between you and i

i landed. on my face,
front on. you have to be

kidding. me.
my constant laughter.

bounce. in my step.
hold her hand. out the door.

i hope. you fall.

7.05 not for profit

My morning hot coffee sip today rapidly transitioned to a snort-y choke, burnt tongue tip exclamation of “$7.05? I forgot I even had an email address linked to PayPal? Seven smackers?!”

People still buy the poetry books I don’t ever think about. Most people write a book, promote it for a year, repeat… I imagine. Not me. For the past two years I’ve complained heaps and somehow self-published two collections.

Thank you to the blog tribe putting me on your bookshelf and in your reading devices, you made me blush today.

This MUCH REQUIRED long weekend has my world shifting to wonderful. Reading, writing, climbing trees, counting stars – all the important pieces that when put together reconnect my Self.

The sort of healing I’m experiencing right now is the sort I want to bring to my Retreats. On that note, I’ve been doing research.

Considering how distracted I’ve been for the past few years, I didn’t really absorb all the ways I can use what I’ve learned at work to get my Retreats popping. Since 2003, I’ve worked for various forms of non-profits. This morning while I was reading up on how to get the first steps of opening my center in order, my brain sounded something like this: “I’ve done that. And that. I’ve done that heaps. And I can totally do that.”

Lucky for me, I already have a Board of Directors together and ready to help me out. Not only that, but it’s a Board of five women – which is uncanny in business, trust me.

Today will be spent cleaning up the Statement for my centers, smacking out a few book chapters, running around the forest, and taking deep breaths.

In. Out. In. Out…


i apologize yuh nuh ready

Dear Blog Family

Over the past three days we’ve smashed records here in the world of gretchen cello. Welcome new cult members.

Today’s post is dedicated to Tanya Stephens for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel.

Yuh nuh ready fi dis yet. Bwoy.

Oi Mr Mention
Ask Yuhself this question
Unno say unno a don man
An a unno run the program, the program

Have yuh ever stop to think wha mek a gal cheat
Have yuh ever asked her if she like all du doin
Yuh need fi check yuhself before yuh start kiss yuh teeth
Caw yuh nuh ready fi this yet bwoy
Have yuh ever wonder what mek a girl cum
A woman fus fi satisfy before yuhsay yuh done
Yuh caan say a thing if yuh end up a get bun
Caw yuh nuh ready fi this yet bwoy

Mi hear a little fool a say a him rule the world
How hima bounce Kerry and a sleep over Merle
Get yuh act together fore yuh knock another girl
Caw yuh nuh ready fi this yet bwoy
Di yuh even realise say woman have mood
Yuh haffi know fi handle it when gal a gwaan rude
Dats why another man a eat whole heap a unno food
Caw unno nuh ready fi
Unno nuh ready fi this yet bwoy

Most a unno full of, full of pure self praise
Hot fire dey yah but the wood naw blaze
God haffi work a miracle fi mek the dead raise
Round dem up and lock dem up di days

Man a kick back say him naah watch no face
While him woman a relax pon another man base
To how it look yah now is like him soon get replace
Him say badman nuh worry bout no petty case
So him write him name another man come erase
Dem call him Mr. Hurry cause him ever inna haste
Sometime gal haffi wonder if him did a get a chase
Him a sleep watch she a gaze inna space



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