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Month: February 2012 (page 1 of 3)


I woke up smiling today. For the first time since returning to the city in September, I decided to give myself a bit of credit blog family.

I may not be published yet… my book may not even be finished… however…

Over the past six months I’ve gone from climbing crooked steps in falling down buildings to watching the sunrise each morning from the comfort of my stunning abode. I took a series of beatings that landed me in therapy, bitched it all out, and decided to get better. I worked the worst job of my life and manifested what is going to be one of the best ones.

Once the puppies arrive. Perfection will be officially in place.

I did something today that I have not done once since returning to my favorite land. I grabbed my laptop less than five minutes after opening my eyes, and I hit the streets. It’s actually hard for me to explain the feeling that rushed over me experiencing the chill of a late February breeze kiss my cheeks as I wandered across 53rd Street smiling crazy at my fellow mid-towners.

Then I literally laughed out loud and said, “Holy shit! I LIVE IN MID-TOWN!”

Isn’t it incredible how humans can let drama consume us to where we lose sight of everything else? Although for what’s it’s worth – my day job was seriously garbage. Praises to my angels for working overtime to get me out of that one.

I am in a coffee house. There are rainbows of cult members. And I’m still smiling.

Here’s to resurfacing.


test me (from the inside. out.)

test me (from the inside. out.)

bottomless. my components
expand space, actively
argue assumptions. undertaking
engagement as a technique
to survival: style. disposition.
attributes accepted until
i am examined. again. adversity.
an interior of harp strings
playing my walk, without
screeching. strangers halt
roaming patterns. misconstrue
how someone… like that…
a society of suspicion. will
or perhaps, a chance might take
shape. this body, folding
into another prayer. sanctity.
quantifying cuts. test me:
(from the inside) out.

kisses to earth

Writers have different preferences for how we work, quirky things we seek out. I have friends that require utter silence, I know people who love clicking keys in coffee houses or libraries.

For me personally, my favorite place to write creative pieces is amongst a crowd. While sometimes I value the focus I gain in a quiet place – particularly if I’m editing, I prefer a bit of company.

I think because I grew up in such a big family, I’ve become accustomed to the background sound of laughter and chatter. I also think because I tend to spend so much time solo, something about being amongst activity while I fall to the background slinging stories suits me.

On this note, our world of blog adds its own exquisite collection of company… all over Earth. So far this month, FollowMeToNYC tribal members have visited our land from over fifty different countries! My eyes popped out of my head this morning scrolling the list of flags to appear in the daily statistics that reflect who’s taking a minute to visit our land of word-ly love.

Or perhaps I should say worldly love?

I can’t quite find words for the ways this inspires me, I reckon I’ll write some poetry about it later on.

For now, I’m back to the book. Wherever you are in the world, love and light to you and Ours.

someone must be writing

Namaste blog collective

For two days I have been hiding. It’s the first time in FollowMeToNYC history that I have not tapped in for 48 hours. I’m in love with the fact that the number of cult members checking in stayed steady… so even though I stepped back, a few hundred lovers a day still popped in to explore.

Progress, darlings.

Now. I’m sure our most loyal cult devotees have been at least somewhat curious of what I’ve been up to. I am proud to report, one objective is center priority:


As mentioned during my previous post, my last job was so horrible, there were a few weeks in between where I could focus on nothing but planning an escape. Now that I have officially manifested one, I am spending the week before my latest fresh start buried in book.

I am hiding out at an undisclosed location. I rented a car for the week. I left my beloved Manhattan for my equally craved land of country. I woke up at 6am today to the sound of birds and site of frost across grassy pastures.

The next eight days will be spent getting my novel up to scratch. This will involve key clicking and a series of: Yes. That stays. Hmmm… that goes into the next book. No, that chapter reads a bit more like practice. Absolutely. That phrase is bound to raise one or two pairs of Publisher eyebrows.

Back to work.

PS. I love you. x


week arrival! record smashing.

This is an exciting week blog family and by the end of it I’ll get to tell you more about WHY!!

Furthermore, FollowMeToNYC continues to welcome new cult affiliates. Yesterday traffic reached new heights… welcome new readers!

I haven’t posted many stories lately, in a few days I’ll talk more about where my head’s been at over the past few weeks. Finally!!

Over the weekend I bounced about eating amazing food and scribbling in notebooks. While I was hoping my novel would be finished by January, I’m happy with how it’s unfolding. I’m being kind to myself, patient. If there’s one thing I learned from therapy, it’s that I am habitually hard on myself. A predominant focus of my meditations recently has been to ease up a bit in that area… everyone could use a little more kindness.

Once I make it through this week and align a few factors that have been distracting my brain in mysterious ways, I’ll be able to click back into book book book mode. While I’m a fan of doing a million things at once… we all have our limits.

Yesterday I was reading a list of things I wrote down to complete in NYC while I was in Berlin … it’s all progressing sweetly. Remembering to breathe is so handy sometimes…

In, out… in… etc.



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