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Month: March 2012 (page 1 of 2)

again (with yes)

again (with yes)

chanting mantras
call back (with head nods)
twirling. down. fifth avenue;
(on a daffodil flower box)

daisies in my hair.

doors held. open
empty pocket (reverie)
central park strolling.
unpublished (enlightenment).

body repairs.
……………………..with yes.



Permanent. Set.

Permanent. Set.

How happy we are
You could have possibly
With. You’re. Passed
Tense to tame
An answer (less)
Do you know
How many strings
Chords of my
Vision climb
To touch a

we look a bit like






















slowly feel

Dear blog family

Well… it seems that my last goodbye was not a goodbye after all. You know, after a year of getting my ass kicked… I forgot a lot of things. Forgot what happiness feels like, the texture and scent. I forgot what life means, you know… legitimate living.

Is there still stacks of content in these parts to sift? Yup. Are words appearing everywhere again? … Always. Am I getting my cloud walk on?

Best believe. Slowly.


match two

match two

Wrapped within
Costume flips. Daily
Tricks to imagine
What we might…
Do with…
… a peace.
If I make my –
Self. Control.
Tongue bite nights
In the back
Of my throat –
She bothered. To said:
“I swallowed another round.”

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