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double engender

double engender

i fall. frequent
exposure. to every
effect. painting patterns
you cannot trace.
form. reform. i am
supposing. that should
summon some unseen
saviors. circle. i shut
off again. far away
returning. i almost scratched
another open wound
praying for visible
scars. reciting roots
to express the source –
another promise. spit
versions to accommodate
what you say is
the last time. i swear
to repeat.

keeping. on.

keeping. on.

… three days later
we continued to tie
each other in acoustic ribbons
allowing my gaze, accepting
dreams. as real: as
the slowly rising silence
sunrise brings starts
to ascend – again.
we wrote


they’re here and this

The twinnies are HERE and life has been appearing in rings. Platinum and rubber, for example. 

After sucking back two consecutive winters, I finally felt springtime on my face today. A few freckles popped, I ate barbecued things and went cruising in a Camaro SS droptop. Camaros are addictive.

Words are everywhere. Lapping them up, drip by drop. 










TWINNIES and more yes

Big sister number four is having TWINS today blog tribe! I awoke this morning to big sister number one texting TWINNIES an hour before I would have ordinarily considered waking up.

Remember when I used to have insomnia?

I giggled at my phone, pounced out of bed, watched one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever witnessed and proceeded to dance around the apartment.

… I’ve been doing that a lot lately.

Believe that it is real talk when I attempt to express how life changed so dramatically, and so perfect on March 7 – I am still steadying.

I was on the phone with a cult member the other day talking about schemes and he commented, “Of course you’re doing something crazy. It wouldn’t be Gretchen otherwise.” So yeah, top secret hustling stays in the mix.

I am most literally happier than I have ever been in my entire life. Being the “everything is balanced” love child that I am, I can’t help but believe the reason the Universe beat on me recently was to gear me for the best to follow. 


I’ve officially turned into one of those people who stays so madly happy that some creatures feel uncomfortable… true story!

Let me tell you blog family, between twinnies and springtime in New York City and stories everywhere and this boy… I’m remembering bliss after back to back winters and one nasty split. I don’t stop smiling. Laughter is coming from a deeper place. Music sounds sweeter. Food tastes better.

My brain is finally processing the incredible journey FollowMeToNYC really captures, amongst the words. So yeah, per usual, here’s where I say “Content sorting! Yes!”

I hope you are all well. Can’t wait to share stories. x




ocean reach

ocean reach

i touched. an
island. salty
sensation. penetrating
possible. what could
be clear. water-
fall. reminders
like changing colors
in forest blends,
one combination.
unlocked elements
blowing in the breeze.


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