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Month: May 2012 (page 1 of 3)

the reign of kindo

I’ve been gushing about The Reign of Kindo quite a bit lately. For example, here, here and here. So you can imagine my glee upon discovering that they were playing a FREE SHOW at Rockwood Music Hall last night.

Tim and I scampered downtown for dinner at nine. Amazing Mexican food with salty, frozen margaritas on a warm summer night.


Afterwards we shuffled over to the venue. The boys performed on Stage 2 located in a lovely, quite intimate space where we soared to the front and bopped to an incredible one hour performance.

Thank you Reign of Kindo for an amazing set! I’m still writing poetry to your songs. Please come back to New York City again soon.


sensing summer

sensing summer

I noticed this way…
my fingers curled
when we kissed.
That time
behind his house
in the neighborhood
where we grew up,
in front of
a spray-painted
on the trails
he used to drive around
years back.
He kissed me
and my hand shaped
an open-palm fingertip grip.
Knuckles whitening
with anxiety and
possession, both kinds.
Praise and grace.
The sun was shining
for the first time
that summer. He and I
recently survived
back to back winters
for different reasons.
Physical circumstances.
Hemisphere. A year
locked away.
When life presents you
with over twelve months
of winter, for whatever reason,
the heat that finally penetrates
sets fire
to the long-awaited
season ahead.

portrait of daybreak’s echo

portrait of daybreak’s echo

Dawn murmurs physical benediction –
Blinking to focus on invitation.
Like my body’s a switch flicking to on;
Cacophonous chords braid classical songs.
One gaze shaded sunlight, sky, swamp and sap.
From my head to toes. From my neck to back.
Elemental beckoning. Hard and fast.
Soft. Balance. Time-keeping. Locked moment. Fact.
A permanent grip unable to snap.
Closed-pulled blinds. Light-filled room. Magnetic. Reach.
Sight of a man who is also a map –
Ocean eyes. Forest body. Warmth of beach.
Morning reminders of soul’s perfection.
Eliminate search, absorb reflection.

reluctantly leant hemisphere

reluctantly leant hemisphere

this fear. of how
i really feel. eruption
concluding another
destruction and rebirth.
i prefer to be. burned into
a pile of ash. smoldering.
let smoke signal. patterns
of yes and no and of yes…
squinting at attempt
of focus. have you blinked
to start another. venture
out toward a final state
resulting with in. within;
like as we were about
to reconnect. i cut
a modern scar into my
thigh. face. shoulder. back.
parts list and split on command.
grab what you chase.
touch anything free. meantime
i loop senses with clear thread.
invisible. observation.
blood trails. running. leant.

i love you blog family

Namaste blog tribe

Please forgive the last few silent days. While just a few months back I landed in my current residence, as I mentioned a few days ago… it’s move time. Inwood or bust.

New apartment = puppies arrival. And since Richard Branson weaked out and clearly isn’t going to help me out, it appears I’m on my own with this one.

So to be true, for the past four days I have thought nothing but “APARTMENT!” I don’t have any money to move… but I’m optimistic. Regardless of the role I understand karma to play in living a life, I still believe that some things are simply certain. Like the puppies getting here pronto.

I’m negotiating with the Universe for a July 1 move.

While APARTMENT is the main thing on my mind, I’ve also spent most hours of late pondering someone exquisite; what’s happening with my writing; and what the purpose of life is (put simply).

And of course I thought about the land of FollowMeToNYC and how amazing it is that I am able to talk to a global crowd on a daily basis. A group that’s grown by over 100 new daily lovers clicking in compared to this time last year. I guess when I realized that, the anxiety attack that came with it send me hiding for a few days.

Hooray for being back! Happy Monday all, and here’s to a week of wonderful.

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