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Month: August 2012 (page 1 of 3)

the moments in between

Is what I have been listening to ceaselessly for the past 48 hours-ish.

I do fancy some Reign of Kindo.

more green

My new block has very much more green on it than my present midtown strip. While there are gardens about and a few trunks extending from footpaths, east midtown Manhattan
doesn’t quite deliver the same leafy tunnels that stretch around the blocks of  Sunnyside, Queens.

I can’t wait for the puppies to pull their bike around the empty streets. They’re going to be rapt. Continue reading

brain stuck game

Right now I’m playing a bit of the brain stuck game blog tribe. My brain is stuck on apartment and puppies. Considering that I’m expecting all of this to somehow manifest by the second week of September,just in time for my birthday, there are brain overdrive activities happening.

I always have so much fun in Queens, and after-all it was where the Writers’ Night took place. Moving to a suburb with “Sunny” in the name essentially thrills me. And there are all sorts of sevens involved which I also find appeasing – seven train, etc.

I’ve been hyperventilating so much over how moving = brokedom, I still don’t reckon my head is quite around shifting from a high-rise studio apartment to two bedroom home with a yard and all.

It’s been a fun first year back… and soon… PUPPIES!

Stay stuck brain. Our view will be changing once again, all over again, very shortly. Helps keeps the stories fresh.


quite’s obvious. cuts.

quite’s obvious. cuts.

i have this way
of waiting. for truth
in a tangle of accommodation,
i count days until
honesty. return to my sad
hollow core knowing no-
thing attempting to
attach. sticking on top of
a ripped scab pulsing
secret years. time untold
unravelling skin. bones
break to this. understanding
i can agree to anything.
i can accept, just… because.
his blue eyes are too far
away. i allow emotion
spilling down my face.
awaiting. what. never
returns absorbing illness.
one person awaits and
inside understanding is brittle.
with lips stitched shut.
addiction never became
as evident as most
evident carves my silence.

a yard for the babies

I explored Queens today and discovered across the river a new apartment with an outdoor paradise for two small puppies that will arrive within weeks.

Naturally, being New York City, my rent will be more than most mortgages, but I’ll have a YARD! Not only will I have a yard, I’ll have an OFFICE! The apartment is a two bedroom, which will be an entirely new land compared to the studio I have been tucked in for nearly twelve months now. Continue reading

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