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Month: September 2012 (page 1 of 3)

so far so good

I’ve been sticking with the whole 2000 words a day thing. It seems to be making sense so far. Although I am certain to have at least three or four books in the mix – it’s just about piecing chunks into the first. Continue reading

vintage dress. cowgirl boots.

My new neighborhood of Sunnyside is filled with thrift shops. A few days ago I stomped the streets in search of cheap goodies. I scrummaged through fox shawls and dusty shoes in search of the type of treasures that only come second-hand. The result? A flowered vintage dress and pair of raspberry cowgirl boots.

Making the four mile voyage from my previous tower in midtown to a brick, backyard-having townhouse has instilled a search for simplicity that wasn’t there prior. I also think that going from single living alone to married with puppies in a six month period added a distinct twist to things too.

The long-term plan has always been to use whatever I make from my Writing to open a healing center, create an Ashram. Wandering down my block today in awe of the enormous trees and miles of colorful blooms, possibility kissed my freckled cheeks. Continue reading

three years

Namaste blog family

My head has been exploring so many territories that September 21 came and went – that means we’re kicking into year four here in blog land. Three years strong behind me.

I think the last twelve months have been the craziest. FollowMeToNYC came to be to get to New York City and write, and for the past year that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. That’s not all… I landed a crazy job and married a crazy boy who I am mad about. The puppies flew here, I finished another poetry book (coming soon), I managed to swing my own back yard in the land of New York City, three out of my four sisters have disowned me for an undisclosed period of time, and I went through intense therapy to teach myself that my first husband wasn’t as great as I thought perhaps.

I guess I can sum up everything I’m trying to say in three words, “That’s some shit.” Continue reading

how to dead. desire.

how to dead. desire.

He talks about addiction;
With years falling off my life,
I tell him. Things I do alone…
We exchange. Trading reasons
Why and how; I became…
So good at getting. What I want is
When your eyes first open;
Dreamscape anthems singing from your breath.
I’m better than not
Caring, more than you believe.
I remain within, a red purple flame
Disintegrating reason. To stop.

setting reasonable goals

My best friend of 30 years and the few other warm-blooded lovelies close to me would agree on a few things about my character beyond odd. For example, my constant “I’m doing this!”-athons that carry on until that particular episode is over.

Such as the FollowMeToNYC roots born of my claim, “Alright Australia, I need a New York City break for a few years… let’s blog til we get there.”

I’m not sure if it’s just the Virgo in me or happens to be my regular bored with everything let’s do something outrageous approach to Earth, but I regularly find myself setting goals way beyond my seeming reach.

I’m seriously amazed the puppies are here… Continue reading

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