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east. west. outside. in.

Namaste blog tribe.

IMG_2498A special shout out to our Australian family about to welcome 2013, and holla at your Kiwis. A wonderful 2013 to this world and the others floating around in space, etc.

Living in west midtown is another world to living on the east side. I used to wake up to the sight of the United Nations and glowing east river. Now I’m amongst flashing lights of Times Square, Broadway spotlights and neon zaps of Hell’s Kitchen.

Earlier this year I spent January mostly hibernating. However you can’t hibernate with a Lily Peanut. If I’m going to have to go outside in temperatures far too low for anyone to even consider braving, I reckon I’m in the most fun place to do so… in the middle of kids coming from clubs, families sipping coco and some of the most magnificent architecture on the planet. There are people rushing to work, movie shoots happening and 24 hour everything.

I must say though, cold weather is Boo. I would rather be inside writing. I’m lucky Peanut makes me take her on five walks a day though… there are stories all over these sidewalks.

A happy, love-filled, blessed and peaceful New Year to all of you, cult collective!


book. new york. yes.

This morning I started to get down on myself about the blog gaps of the past months-ish. But then a huge smile crossed my lips. In between being sad about Henry and other things, I’ve really been banging book.

DSCN4505Then I started feeling all nostalgic looking at just how dope my set-up is and what I seriously accomplished since shooting off to get here. It took about three years… I blogged nearly every day of that… and I’m plopped dead center Manhattan clacking away, working full-time as a Writer.

All of these pieces are why I love this city. It took a lot of time and a fair amount of ass busting, but I positioned  myself to embrace one of my favorite places in all the ways she offers. Like a fifteen minute stroll to work or five minute walk to a broadway show. A morning wander to Central Park or mosey on over to an art museum.

I live upstairs from everything. With Peanut.

This is the type of environment where I work the best, which is why there was no rest until getting here. Meanwhile life happened along with all the rest and I’ve got pages and pages I’m pasting together.

It’s pretty fun… actually.

Here’s to 2013 cult collective! Let us all be lovers with wind in our hair and fire in our heart.


merry christmas blog family

I have had a very quiet few past days. There has been forest and reading and writing and Peanut.

I’ve thought a bit about our land of blog. When we kicked off, I was setting out to change my entire life. And damn, I sure did.

The world has changed indescribably. Hopefully my book catches themes around that, metamorphosis etc. How any moment literally can permanently alter your existence, depending how you play it.

I think I’m going to relax myself in 2013. It took me a few years of chasing to land where I am. Plus, let’s face it, last year was pretty wild.

I’ll write about it this year.

I’m prepping for the dreaded January detox. Fruit juice here I come.


my manhattan morning

I wake up at 5am, naturally, every day. I blame Australia. When I lived in Queensland, the sun would IMG_2493rise around 4.30. I’ve always been an early riser… but anything before 5am is pretty unacceptable when it comes to crawling out of bed. Crawling into bed at 4.30am, on the other hand, is totally acceptable.

I love waking up to activity. I love being in a 24-hour world. During my brief Queens stint, the only people I passed during my strolls in the winter dawn darkness were unfortunate construction workers stuck with the task of working around the clock.

This morning, I walked outside a bit after 5 with Lily Peanut to the greeting of a lovely man who approached me with, “Hello, can you please tell me where House of Brews is? I just moved here from Pennsylvania…”

It’s on West 46th Street if you’re curious.

I then strolled up 9th Avenue to the voice of Rijn Collins. A woman who I am blessed to have as a sister and who is in so many of my fondest memories. They’re way ahead of us in Australia. As we open our eyes to welcome the day, it’s already winding down around there part of the planet.

IMG_2474I arrived at Central Park with my slowly healing little girl and watched her run extensive lengths, kiss other furry friends and beam my way.

On the way home, I bought a bouquet of flowers wrapped by a glowing young boy on the sidewalk before we exchanged “Have a wonderful day”s.

All before 6am.

Some start to a day blog tribe. These are all the reasons I dreamt of coming back.

Oh, and finishing those books of mine… I did a bit of that after our early adventure…

For the first time in my life, I actually feel home. The initial 12 months I spent back in town, I was still reeling from too much to settle. Now that I’m settled, all I want to do is write. I missed that feeling so much. I’m not writing to cope right now, I’m writing because it’s what I love.

Just like New York City. An absolute favorite.

lily peanut. books.

IMG_2436Lily Peanut continues to adjust to her new New York City lifestyle and the untimely passing of her brother.

I’ve been trying not to take up too much real estate here in blog land being sad about Henry. Losing him was the worst experience I’ve had since starting off whatever it is I do with this webpage. Worse than both the broken marriages, far beyond any moment of disgruntle. Continue reading

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