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old fashion. food. words.

DSCN4625I have been reading reading reading lately.

I also bought a new hat this weekend, and a pretty dress… and I gulped an old fashion.

Deliciousness all around blog family! Continue reading

books. frangelico. lime. bermuda.

Certain aspects of my writing process are predictable. I tend to teeter between manic binges of writing and reading. A writing professor of mine once said, “If you want to improve your writing, read more.” I don’t necessarily agree with this. In fact, I think a lot of authors sound too much like what they like to read.

I digress.

frangelico. books.Naturally as a Writer, I sweat words on a page. So every few months, once I’ve spilt enough syllables to keep me quiet for five or ten minutes – I binge on books. I say binge, because once I start reading… I usually read a book in a day or two, tending to pack three or four in a weekish, get it out of my system – and then get back to writing.

I don’t seek out literary greats or any particular genre, but I like books with gold medals on them. And ones with catchy summaries that make me say, “Yes. I would like to listen to your brain tell me things for a few days.” Continue reading

midnight extension of misery

So I returned to New York City today after a weekend of writing in the country. I was greeted by cult members who painted my afternoon with things like triple olive, dirty vodka martinis and cigars on my balcony.

Consequently, I napped around 6pm… that happened.

Viva public holidays!

Never the less, I awoke at midnight, wandered Peanut around 9th avenue, bought a cherry coke and came back to my apartment with one major thought:

Graveyard Train. Continue reading

gut punch bites

Namaste lovers of syllable land

My favorite words to read hurt. Note “to read”. I can never handle anything harsh being spoken, verbal attacks and what not. Humans spatting.

I value language too highly for that.

However, I love when I read something that makes me uncomfortable. When I can look at words on a page, artfully presented, in a way that makes my stomach spasm in a concerning way and my tongue push against the backs of my front teeth. Gut punch bites.

This is what my novel does, for me. I think that there are some pieces around FollowMeToNYC that exemplify my joy of playing with strident letters; love appreciation and departure that I wrote last summer come to mind. Continue reading

galas are really fun

DSCN4575The Gala was really fun! My girlfriend iced me last minute, fortunately I have a Chris who was by my side in a pinch! Viva la Cult!

Fun things I did last night included seeing the Mayor, whose speech literally concluded with:

“Gotta go, I have another function to go to. My girlfriend is waiting…” Continue reading

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