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Month: March 2013 (page 1 of 2)

pages. too painful.

Here’s me and my shrink the other day:IMG_2987

Shrink: “So how much longer do you think you have on your book?”

Me: “You mean if I actually focussed?”

Shrink: “Yes. If you focus.”

Me: “Probably two months.”

Shrink: “Well. I think you should focus on it. I’d read it when it comes out.”

Me: “Yeah, some days I start to work on it, but I stop. Abruptly.”

Shrink: “Because you get distracted?”

Me: “No. Because it’s too painful.” Continue reading

sit. think. einstein.

I hid in the forest all weekend. I didn’t do much writing, I sat and thought a lot. Sometimes, when projects are involved, I get to the point IMG_2959where I need to stop all work and let my brain stretch for a bit – which is exactly what Saturday and Sunday were about.

As I continue to weave words in my novel, I’m also in the midst of writing some reports at work. One of the reports I’m writing is a social media manifesto for the CEO. It blows my mind that from my experiments in the land of electric social-ness, I’ve learned me a thing or two about how different cats and kittens interact in these parts. Still, when my boss sat me down with “Whip us out some pages on what you reckon…” I choked on my espresso. Continue reading

sporadic hits. tribe like this.


Namaste Blog Tribe

So like I was having a Wah about the other day, I’ve been a bit introspective this month. I’m proud of myself for making sure I check in here in our world of writerly blog tribe – for a few reasons.

I remember the first twelve months I started here, 30 visits a month would make my eyes pop out of my head. I don’t even know 30 people. I mean, I don’t even have 30 numbers in my phone. I figured 20 strangers stumbled here somehow, and that made me giggle and clap. Continue reading

winter blahs. babies.

Namaste Blog Family

IMG_3035Winter is killing me. I hate when people complain about the weather, so pardon this paragraph. But for real. The weather man reckons that the temperature is ten degrees lower than usual for this time of year. The first day of spring is this week, and there’s still patches of snow around here and there.

Over the weekend I escaped to the country to celebrate one of my niece’s birthday. She turned the big three this year. Needless to say, she liked my present best! Continue reading

green chili fondue. spiked hot chocolate.

I’ve been back in New York City 18 months. During this time I’ve had three different apartments, a second husband come and go, a puppy leave us too soon and a few nervous breakdowns. I also put out two new poetry books, and I’ve had two different jobs… including my favorite and best job.

I think all of my dodging and weaving amongst the piles of personal madness I hike daily occasionally distracts me from what I’ve swung, all by myself and grown-up style. And it’s funny the things that stop IMG_2715me in my tracks and make me shake my head quickly with a shot of thought like, “Damn. I have my own place, with my dog from Australia, in the central guts of Manhattan… complete with balcony and a bag of Writer-like gadgets… and also blue gel ink and paper.” Continue reading

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