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I’ve been gushing about The Reign of Kindo quite a bit lately. For example, here, here and here. So you can imagine my glee upon discovering that they were playing a FREE SHOW at Rockwood Music Hall last night.

Tim and I scampered downtown for dinner at nine. Amazing Mexican food with salty, frozen margaritas on a warm summer night.


Afterwards we shuffled over to the venue. The boys performed on Stage 2 located in a lovely, quite intimate space where we soared to the front and bopped to an incredible one hour performance.

Thank you Reign of Kindo for an amazing set! I’m still writing poetry to your songs. Please come back to New York City again soon.


the moments in between

Is what I have been listening to ceaselessly for the past 48 hours-ish.

I do fancy some Reign of Kindo.

I was inspired this morning by two things (so far)

First there were the beautiful comments from Ms Debbie, (one of my Australian sisters who I had the pleasure of spending some of my better Sundays in Melbourne with writing, cackling and clanking
cider glasses). She mentioned the violent and bleak moods that owned me for a few months, and the writing that matched it. Then she said how lovely it is to see me in love… and referred to writing that will be born from just that.

This all occurred while I continue to listen to “Flowers by the moon” and swoon over my husband.

Suddenly poetry is born…

blossoming patches bloom

he turns to me in african violets,
deep purple endearment splashes
my daisy reply – daffodil view.

snapdragon pledge
shaped toward the sun.
fed by the sky. star lullabies.

sunflower arousal. open petal
promise. tulips in spring.
infinity’s garden grows.

Thank you Ms Debbie, Tim and The Reign of Kindo for sponsoring today’s post and filling my head with things such as tulips in spring and star lullabies. x o x


Namaste cult of blog

On April 20, 2012 Tim and I marched down to City Hall and agreed.


That makes me Mrs. Gretchen. You heard correctly… wifed.

It’s been pretty low key in these parts recently for a few causes.  Coincidentally, the love of my life actually grew up in the same neighborhood as I did. While neither of us were born in this particular north-western Connecticut suburb of mystery, humans hunt for chatter.

Let me tell you.

Most of my time lately is spent glowing. Tim drew a picture of the coffee table he’s going to build for our Inwood abode earlier tonight while I cooked Thai green curry with fistfuls of cilantro and chunks of garlic… fresh lime and ginger root.

We’re still listening to The Reign of Kindo. Tim taught himself Soon it Shall Be on guitar and sang it for me when I arrived home after being out one day last week.

Yes… please.


one day you’re certain

Namaste cult of blog

In case you don’t notice… I have been obsessed with The Reign of Kindo for three days now. Two tracks in particular. Tim put me on. There on the right. He’s an amazing driver / photographer / etc and the pair of us attract a slew of questions lately.

and still they keep dancing on
just as though you don’t have a say.
and the choice of routine or song
isn’t better that way.
this what happens when
you realize you’re not in control.
some days you’ll bear the load
and others you won’t. Continue reading

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