a trip to being taken

we were. riding an early train. leg rest lap. and i
wished for longer. extension, to say. reversing
hits. exchanged. imprints on my heart. scarred.
purple track steps. vulnerability of a speckled grip.
to wrap history. boxed. previous. taken. stolen
from presence. a reached place of recovery yet
detection prolongs. what real addiction is.
discovering one. another. halt. that’s the way
he curved my course and disappeared. literal.
a forty-eight hour apparition. locked away
treasure chest. gold coin impulse. uncovering
priceless value. how he looked at me. rushed.
because we had no time. we froze familiar;
melting with each. risk unveiled. telling me
about without. this. sudden danger like you
possibly can’t see. matters. outside conventions
he and i robed to blend. fit into absence until
bartering with fate for nothing. chasing extra
days to pronounce a path. blowing out smoke
from this fire of assumption. striking harder
then having to play. perform. be. something.
residing in between. following him. in dreams.