1978 – Born. McHenry, Illinois. Youngest of five girls in a tribe of New IMG_7356Jersey natives.

1983 – Move to New Milford, Connecticut.

2000 – Move out of New Milford, Connecticut into Manhattan, New York.

2002 – Migrate from the U.S.A to Australia.

2003 – Marry someone that my young, poetic heart truly believed was everything.

2007 – Became a citizen of Australia.

2009 – Kicked off FollowMeToNYC.com

2011 – Divorced.

2012 – 2014 – Hurt.

2015 – Healed.

I started this webpage in 2009 to track my mission to write professionally in New York City.

I wrote my first book in third grade. I remember lying on my wooden bedroom floor, amongst my known white noise of a house of seven people, scribbling in grey-lead on a stack of stapled together, ripped out notebook pages. The name of the book was One Too Many Monsters.

My life has been built on spiritual understandings that I was born recalling. I’m not religious. I don’t believe in religion. This is somewhat a foundation of what I actually think I know.

I have a few degrees and have worked some fancy jobs. None of it overrides my inherent understanding of what life means and the empathy that overcomes me daily.

I currently live, write and love in midtown Manhattan with my two dogs and an Italian luthier who stole my heart at first sight. His specialty is the contrabbasso.

Love to you, yours and ours. That’s all I have so far.