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I have officially relocated to my most favoritest and special best dwelling. A Hell’s Kitchen studio complete with furniture, whose furniture happens to include… wait for it… an actual desk.

My first not-at-an-office desk all of my very own!

DSCN4477This morning I watched the sunrise and listed to Tchaikovsky. Over the past few days I’ve been focussed on getting Lily Peanut settled into the new place. I’ve done a lot of writing. I’ve paced my balcony.

This is the eighth time I’ve moved in three years. And it’s the first time I feel settled. That’s part of why I haven’t been in blog land for a quick minute… it’s been astonishing to be plopped someplace where I feel cozy. Granted it’s only been a few days, but usually a few days in somewhere I’m already looking for the next place.

That’s how one manages to move 8 times in a 36 month period.IMG_2380

My apartment is tucked in a quiet corner of a low-rise building. So quiet, that the buzz of Times Square is completely blocked out. When I take Peanut out for explorations, it’s a whole new world to be directly spilled onto bustling sidewalks of West Midtown dwellers. It’s actually my first time living on the westside.

It’s amazing the difference a space can make. Considering my last apartment was so rotten; the relief of a refreshed location to work on mySelf and my words is welcomed and starting wonderfully.

New York City, you’ve done it again. Compete with writing desk.