I’m getting my ass beat at the moment blog family. Today was the first day in about three years that I actually felt alright about enduring it.

Because I know better now.

I love you all and how you hold me down. Unfortunately, this is something I’m stuck going through alone. Although rest assured, the puppies are in my lap at the moment – that helps immensely.

So does ink…

… ink is always helpful.

Once I bleed all this poetry, books shall bloom. I’ve been writing bits and pieces of them every day.

In other news, or the same news, actually…

shading (in cuts)

if i was.
who you thought… what you dream of…
maybe i could have been.
enough. quality.
do me a favor. when i say
stop, try. being honest
i sigh at pathetic
excuses for how
i never made
your grade. fail me
again. i learn
how to stand, long leg strut.
distribution. while you left me
alone i became. taller.
when real arrives
i will not remember
your name. used to
devour what i understand
to be a woman. i am so much
higher than what you dissemble.
difference. now.
you cannot dress down
who i am
searching for your
solo. figure it out.
once was. our world.
a distant memory.