HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY! Although the festivities have concluded on official Oz time, we’re just setting off in my current hemisphere of residence. Aussie Aussie Aussie!!! It’s too cold for a barbeque, but I will still fry up a vegetarian sausage for lunch out of respect. Some Aussies might say a vegetarian sausage is very un-Australian of me… but what can I say? … I’m progressive.

Speaking of un-Australian, I read an article yesterday posted on the ABC page (Australian Broadcast Corporation) about how it’s supposedly  ‘un-Australian’ to throw a sickie on Monday in order to score a four day weekend since the public holiday fell on Tuesday. Then they went on to whinge about how all the people calling in were going to cost the economy over $200 million… of course they made no mention of where that figure comes from.

Since I am a citizen of Australia, and it’s Australia Day in my part of the world, I feel it is my duty to refute this statement. On the contrary, it is very un-Australian for the government to not throw in an extra public holiday on the Monday … there is nothing more Australian than taking time off to hang out with your mates somewhere along the coast. So in case anyone happened to come across the article I was reading who hasn’t been to Australia, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that the writers and people that were quoted in the correspondence are VERY un-Australian. And to the rest of my Aussie tribe checking in… OI OI OI!!! See you in ten days!

In terms of me leaving, there’s a solemn vibe creeping in that I’m battling daily. There’s a bit of glass walking by all considering that I literally packed a suitcase, jumped on a plane, and came back for four months with basically zero notice.

I have a history of doing this. When I was 21, I packed a suitcase in the middle of the night and moved to New York City. I don’t believe in ‘goodbyes’ and if I’m ever in a situation that seems to require one… I sort of panic.

I’ve been telling everyone to rest assured… although half of my life is here, the other half is down under… and it’s a pretty important half…

absorbing implicit observations

Depurative love, you embody fire.
A heated touch and incense aroma.
Red glowing shadows reflect my desire.
Awaken me from self-induced coma.
Your absence, what my body will reject;
Like not taking to a second-hand heart
with nothing left but my tears to collect.
Arrival at end with never a start.
Accept my words as psycholinguistics.
Learn my performance of each syllable.
Discern lyrical characteristics;
How your existence sets them off double!
To say ‘you inspire’ simply understates
the drum of my pulse. The art it creates.