not too. shhhhh.

August 29, 2014 Posted by gretchen

IMG_3134After my thoughts about other Writer blah-gs earlier,  I decided to visit a few to catch up on the past years-ish. Something interesting I saw, is that while no one is brave enough to comment on a blog post publicly, they’ll happily “like” it on Facebook.

I guess this is where my post-grad communications dorkness shows. It stuns me that rather than individually support an Artist in their own forum – out of ease and convenience = humans thumbs up to show their approval while raising Facebook’s stock.

Because everyone knows, Mark Zuckerburg needs a raise.

The most stunning thing about all of this occurring, was that I legitimately wanted to comment on a post I read that was very recent and very fantastic. Sadly, comments were  prematurely closed out of carelessness or fear. Because I can’t thumbs up, this person will never know how great I think their mind is.IMG_3154

So that’s my latest rant regarding my love / loathe relationship with the interweb.

Another take-away from fluttering off to fellow writer-ville was seeing blogs never updated and remembering my own rule. It made me feel bad for being so quiet lately, but I promise I’ve been writing super good stories in between.

My writing has me in quite a state of shhhh. Not too shhhh, but quiet enough to bob along and unravel at a pace I’ve been enjoying amongst open 9th avenue windows blowing in the first prickly kisses of autumn. Everything will be changing colors soon. Regardless of how much I whinge over the cold, autumn in New England is my favorite time and place anywhere. I can already taste the pumpkin.

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my beautiful bubble

August 27, 2014 Posted by gretchen

Humans are often entertained by the bubble I reside in. Regardless if I am rolling in the faraway land of Australia or squatting in IMG_3180central  New York City, between the glow of Times Square and breeze of Central Park, I make a point to not know too much about what’s going on.

I watched a date of mine awkwardly squirm over his escargot last week trying to explain to me what the ice bucket challenge is. If you don’t know, congratulations. Apparently I had a really good run at not having any clue about it. The benefits of not having Facebook we decided.

While I stay knee deep in reading things relevant to what I do at work, outside of my job, I’m all set with the news, thanks. I also don’t read a lot of creative work written by other people – especially not when I’m heavy into a project. (more…)

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a week? dates.

August 26, 2014 Posted by gretchen

IMG_3137Can’t believe a week flew by blog family.  That’s what happens at the end of a New York City summer. We all go nuts because we know the sidewalks just won’t be the same in a few months. Everyone crowds to street cafes to guzzle their last rounds of  frozen drinks before autumn arrives and we swap our summer cocktails for pumpkin ales and replace our singlets with sweaters.


It goes so fast.

To see summer out properly and conclude the ritual of forgetting that kid I liked for a week or so, I’ve been going on dates. Again.

Being a swaggy, independent lady like myself here in the big smoke – it’s pretty easy getting dates. I actually had three in the same day last week. Dates aren’t the hard thing to land. Second dates, that’s another story.  (more…)

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settling. stand up.

August 19, 2014 Posted by gretchen

Namaste blog tribe

I have been uncharacteristically quiet the past days-ish. Mainly, I’ve been listening to this:

That song does something to me that I don’t think women are really capable of until we hit 30. Which reminds me…

It’s nearly my BIRTHDAY! 36 big ones blog tribe, and what beautiful big ones they’ve been. Even when I sook.

I’m officially settled from the last person that I hung out with for more than five minutes. I’m such a bloody emotional creature and can get so caught up in things. Even when they aren’t significant, sadly, in conclusion.

Howevever, rather than drear myself out about it, I’ll be going up at Comic Strip Live this Wednesday. Some old jokes and some new giggles. I’ll spend the next twenty-four hours reciting five minutes of words in my head before grabbing a microphone in the company of a stranger I have yet to encounter.

It will be interesting, to say the least.

I have also still been writing very much book. That seems to finally be settling as well.

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can’t stop listening to this

August 13, 2014 Posted by gretchen

It’s a cool rainy day in New York City. I’m on my way to work, but I had to share this creepy track that I want to have sex with. Similiar to preferring writing that gives me chills, I like songs that do the same.

I’ve realized I really need to publish a short story collection. Prior to the next poetry book and post Novel.

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