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she wanna go

The past few days have been painfully divine.

I love learning. It’s one of the reasons I’ve gotten so far in my career. Learning is a job in itself. I’m not saying I retain everything I study, my father always taught me most humans are educated behind their intelligence.

Still, when you’re the youngest in a house of five kids like I was – you get good at finding ways to entertain yourself. I read a lot. And as I grew up I took every opportunity I came across to learn something.

Over the past two days, and for the next two, I’m at an eight-hour class that gives us exactly 70 minutes of breaks in 560 minute sessions.

img_0068I’ve taken 50 pages of notes so far.

Ever since I was a kid, I intuitively assumed I was going to be on my own. I still had the little girl princess, married, mother thing for a second.

Something in me knew it just wasn’t real. So when you mix that with the fact I grew up in a random ass town with like 10,000 people – opposed to my 1.6 million neighbors here on the great island of Manhattan…

I had to figure a way out somehow.

I’m proud of what I’ve achieved, and I know learning has been a big part of it. So hopefully what I’m learning now gets me on to the next one. I’ve already consumed enough information to give me electric shocks, I’m pretty stoked for the next two days.

I’ve changed the beginning of my book like three times in the past week. I’m a tremendous beginning/end person. Novels are nothing like, poetry books, for example – where there’s a whole new story on every page.

I also need to finish putting together poetry book four. Considering there are only 24 hours in a day, I reckon I manage to make pretty good use of them.

“She wanna go, go, go, go, go…”

laughter. learning things.

img_0058My weekend was filled with a lot of laughter. This week I have a four day course, I’m looking forward to learning new things. I’m a tremendous advocate of mind expansion.

As a professional Writer, it’s important that I take any class offered to me. The more styles I’m familiar with, the more valuable I am at work. I really like the company I work for, so I’m keen to get my head around some unfamiliar concepts this week. Continue reading

then it was christmas

imageTonight a favorite person of mine carried a seven-foot present down second avenue for around a quarter of a mile. We wrapped it in lights and it’s been glowing ever since…

Christmas is closing in. It’s my fifth Christmas back in the states. Last year I didn’t have a tree, this year I am miraculously more cheerful. I smile much more than I was in September. I feel like¬†2016 was enough.image

On to the next one.

I’m planning my next trip to Italy and it’s starting to look like February… and then August.

The calm that crossed me a few weeks back hasn’t left. I have ordinary waves of existence, but I haven’t felt disrupted at all. It’s been remarkably refreshing.

Tonight I sipped Australian shiraz to the scent of pine and cigarettes. We listened to harp Christmas songs, and then Belinda Carlisle… and, eventually… the Ramones

“Hey… give me a drink”

let me love you

he had these
long legs and blue
eyes and i
complied with a
completely. please
could you possibly
keep me? hold
this disheartened
heart that holds
anything close. that
comes with this
imperfect perfection. Continue reading

back to the world

After a couple of day hiatus, I am returning back to the world. image

It was an entertaining five-day spree of flying around, sister cackles, hugs, puppies along with the usual plotting and scheming.

I am ever plotting and scheming. Continue reading

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