I hate admitting it… but I require breaks. The irony is, my ‘breaks’ from writing still involve writing, it’s how I relax. But since I’ve been sitting in front of my laptop consecutive days hammering away… I’m spending some time out and about at the moment.

I’ve been reading a lot lately, mainly books about (wait for it…) writing. A lot of the writers that author what I’m reading talk about the role of the unconscious mind in writing. I agree with these theories to an extent. The main belief I’m forming while I’m writing full time is you just need to give your brain a rest, period (full stop, if you will…).

Photo 106

During the three hour cry I mentioned a few days back, my friend gave me valuable advice that I don’t ever like hearing… ‘you’re human’. This is actually something really hard for me to swallow and I’ll always be convinced that I’m sincerely more of an alien. Because humans do foolish things… like fight, and deceive, and eat other living creatures.

So anyways, I’m taking the advice and chilling for a 48 hour period… not because I’m giving into being human though.

… I’m just a tired alien.