We’re approaching blog post 200 fellow cult members and art tribe. I’m sure there’s probably some magic way of arranging my page to make it look better in a lot of ways… I’m going to ponder on this over the week.

I’ve decided to submit another story since my last one was accepted, only took 31 years!! I guess that means the next victory will be somewhere around the 62 mark? Dudes…

As much as it’d be great to front a wealthy lifestyle of no employment necessities… totally not true. Therefore this week means sending out job applications, I actually just gagged writing that.

I’m trying to be positive, I mean, if I get back into school full-time by October… I might actually be able to get a job that somewhat resembles what I’m good at…

I am good at writing… right?

I still have all of these enormous romantic ideas about starting creative writing workshops where everyone can come and get their ink on as a way to learn more about themselves and the way we make sense of this mysterious world we live in. You know… like actually do something that I think matters?

In the meantime hopefully I can find someone willing to give me dollars for whatever comes quickly.

empirical empathy

kaleidoscope care combines
rainbows of how i love you.
uneven shapes change with every…
new circle of light.
ways you beam facing the sun.
how i spin and…
up, down, the colours of your
swaying branches
rattle my tree.
watching your reds turn violet,
violets turn gold.
through my telescope
you shine brighter…
blending with surroundings
… just fitting in.