Married life is lit. My one-month anniversary was 23 September. All I have to say is my whole three times lucky thing w(a)Is completely accurate.

My cigar smoking Spanish, brilliant, beautiful, singing, making me dance and unconditionally smile other half doesn’t give a rats about FolllowMeToNYC.

He’s all about secrets.

And between all of us, so…



I know that it won’t be too long until my beloved Australia manifests in front of me to invite a home voyage regarding my true forevers.

Alas, the longest farewell kiss could never be beckoned to me by anyone other than my favorite girlfriend… Ms. Manhattan.

My soul has continued to lift in incredible states that inspire me to continue running to the sea.

When we were in Spain, it occurred to me that no one has appreciated salt water like my husband – with respect to the way it obsesses me.

I’m glad I blah-ged today. Lately, my offline life is nothing under lush. I guess it’s about being in love; ink; and Understanding.

Namaste loved ones. 3 x 3 x 3