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like clean up on isle three.

I just

“who gives a fuck what they say?”

one week. strong.

Today is the one week anniversary of my 39th birthday.

Just sayin…

Tomorrow, also, I go back to the office to see all of my friends after three months.

My work from home game was super strong for the past 90 days-ish.

Highlights include working remotely in Spain and, of course, getting married.

I’ve never been so quiet in my entire life. I figure it means I’m in love.

I’m officially in escape to Australia mode. Step one: puppies need a six month bullshit vet check.

I also have this complete hemisphere flip plan. Whatever,  I actually don’t even say anything anymore.

one time


BIRTHDAY! Peace out 30s

Today is my 39th birthday. Here’s how I feel:


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