Most of our cult checks in every day. (insert french kisses here)

That said, you might have noticed a few low energy “boo hoo” near nervous breakdown-esque days as of late. Between the terrible news I received last week, ongoing personal sagas, and day to day soul searching, I was a bit crumbly.

Yesterday’s guest reader, Ms Helen Gilbert, is largely responsible for putting me back together. I visited her all weekend, we made art.

I was thinking about this when I woke up this morning. You see, as we attempt to survive humanhood, both myself, Helen, and several other Artists create art to get by… not because we’re expected to produce so many pieces for an exhibition or because our label will drop us if we don’t put out in three months.

What we create is raw and honest.  Today’s post is dedicated to the stacks of other Artists out there who are living it.

We aren’t on Saturday Night Live shooting gold glitter out of our vajajays to express our deep creativity or screaming in the face of every media outlet how unique we are. On the contrary, we’re mixed in with the rest of the “real” world. And in addition to hustling a survival in what’s usually a totally random way, we inhale our experience, shake it, and produce something for the rest of us to ponder.

My Sifu once said he never wants to be at the top, because once you are, you’re bound to fall sooner or later. And everyone else is working twice as hard for a spot near there.

After a couple days of taking beatings, I feel alright.

Thank you all for helping with that…

photography by Helen Gilbert