discovery of distance

i stay tied up. all day. until
i reach privacy. closed curtain. sunset rhythm.
playing your beat. my thighs extend.
hip gripped twist. i’ve reached
beyond a threat of distance. there is nothing i cannot
touch. have you ever shook from an idea?
thinking of. playground promises. subway rides.
smoke blown whispers. do you know how good that feels?
he has something. you could never catch.
lost in chasing. waiting for yes.
strapped in a trap. not considering that…
somewhere. so far. someone is.
holding my heart in his pocket. my thoughts in his step.
i can. pretend. act like i’m occupied.
bury me in what i’m supposed to be.
because he digs. he knows how deep
to go to contact. my sparse time beside him
altering daily activity. controlling thoughts
to total fact. how he holds down
what i state. alone. when i feel vibrations
he stirs in sleep. aware of what is
missing. counting down days.
when we eliminate away.