Since I’ve come back to Australia I’ve been posting in the mornings like when I was in the States. This is going to switch, posts will be coming at night until further notice… which is actually daytime in the US… so maybe things aren’t changing as much as I thought?

About two weeks ago I mentioned going to work. Tomorrow… it’s on.

I’m hoping that the harsh reality of having to pretend who I am every day (once again) will piss me off to that angry state of raw inspiration us Artists love so much… because I’ve got a script and anthology that are literally screaming to be finished.

Instead of viewing the next two months as a ‘job’… I like to think of it as negotiating the sponsorship of my next trip to New York City. I actually had a few offers. The one I decided on involved the least amount of money and the least amount of time.

My issues isn’t with work. My issue is being dumbed down to earn dollars… I’m bad at that.

Let’s see how good I do tomorrow… (insert evil laugh here)