Certain things repair everything.

I was conversing with a favorite person the other day about my recent gloomy days. I told her I’d been writing a lot and she asked, “Are you enjoying it?”

My immediate reply: “No.”

This bothered me for some time after. Like when you eat something sweet and can’t get to a toothbrush quick enough. I made me feel temporarily rotten.

I love writing. It’s why I have this page. It’s who I am as a person. There should never be a time when I’m not enjoying it.

I realized I need to lighten up. So I brought my laptop to the park today, rolled around in the grass, had a wonderful time writing a few thousand words, and then did circles of cartwheels with another one of my favorites.

I came back home and cooked. A big focus of my present house-hunting project is a place with a kitchen. I grew up in a family with food as a major focus. My mother had her husband and all five daughters sitting down to the table to eat together every day when I grew up. You don’t realize how these things impact you until you age. I find a lot of comfort in food now. Not necessarily eating, but cooking relaxes me… the scent of sauce on the stove or herbs being chopped brings me unique comfort.

So tonight with a pair of favorites in tow I made a Mexican feast – tortillas from scratch, vegetarian fajitas, homemade guacamole and salsa.

Life feels much less serious than a few days back. I started reading a new book.

My memoir is shaping up something serious…