100_0808In order for me to earn my keep Mom said I had to pick up sticks… so yesterday was a day of stick picking, trying to un-jetlag myself, and chipmunk stalking.


After that was all said and done, believe it or not… I was writing!! What a way to spend an afternoon!

All  the while I thought to myself, surely this is the way it’s gotta go down? I mean… it feels natural. Every day passing makes me a bit nervous because it’s one day closer to where I’ll have to reconsider the evil world of ‘work’ from where I came. Maybe a Halloween fairy will fly out of a rotten stump somewhere and intervene?

In order to try to summon a Halloween creature to better my odds at his happening, Daddy took me to the store so I could play dress ups.

100_0791Hopefully this will appease some type of Halloween spirit. I also sent out some pumpkin love to any pixies possibly hiding there within…


10 years ago I packed a bag in the middle of the night, left a note, and bounced out to New York City where I lived for two years before packing my bags once again for an Australian holiday that I never returned from – I’ve been living down under ever since.

I’m tired of running away because I’m not happy. Writing makes me happy. I’m not leaving until I get something popping… otherwise I might end up running away to Cambodia… and I’ve already got enough passports.