Last night started off with climbing trees and ended up with karaoke. And for the record I do NOT sing karaoke. I have no issue standing in front a New York City crowd and spitting funnies… but you will never find me propped between a mic stand and a host named Eddie leading the room in a chorous of We are the champions.

No way.

For some reason Botchy ended up singing a Meatloaf song, which presently escapes me (I can’t imagine why?). After he brought down the house the host gave him a free steak voucher.

I was reluctant to go to the pub we wandered into around 11 because one time we went there and they didn’t have Guinness, which completely didn’t seem right to me because it’s an Irish pub…. it was like the time I went to a martini bar in town and they didn’t have olives.

That was shocking.

Last night was good because there was a lot of Guinness… still not enough to get me to sing karaoke… but a fair amount. There was also cheering, wandering, some fairly bad food, a few movies, empty parks with dim lights, and train tracks.

I imagine my head will be functional as soon as I can make coffee manifest before me.

… and then it’s back to work.