I intend to keep living as a nomad/gypsy until I can afford something in Manhattan… it’s kind of like a silent protest.

I live basic. Once upon a time everything to my name could fit in two backpacks. One for clothes, one for books. Moving when I lived in New York City was as simple as hailing a taxi cab.

The most difficult thing I have to pack these days is the puppies. Lily gets carsick. Apparently lots of dogs get carsick which I was never aware of until one started to live with me.

There are literally boxes packed in my house that we didn’t unpack when we moved in here almost three years ago. PS me living anywhere for more than 24 months is a bad idea… so I make up for it in travel. Going to NYC once or twice a year keeps me sane…

I heard yesterday that the average house price in the three most populated areas in Australia is over $500,000!!! Apparently everyone over here is rich and we just don’t know it yet. The thing about Australia is that unless you can survive by working for yourself (you see me trying), you HAVE to live in one of these areas to find a bloody job.

Honestly, when house prices down here are so out of control… where does the government get off letting ANOTHER rate rise through? Oh wait, it’s not the government’s fault… it’s ‘the bank’s’.

Yeah right.

… I’ll remain a shack-residing nomad. It simplifies my life.