incisive coherence

another someone.
moving low tide lips. waves of yes
rolling in predicted ways. convulsing. into configuration.
above looks in. head cocked. left. contemplate a loss
of right. unreciprocated acceptable. there’s a place
that is befitting. how… ever. perpetual presence. discretion.
embodying environments to evolve. personal personification.
pockets full of phrasing. what to say to settle. only
is not a supposable reality. an existence. scarce presence
to meet and match surroundings. breadth of believable
embrace. trying to hold. protect. sacred. faith.
as part of this purview. sought possibility. unveil veracity.
naked nothing transposed to a residence. open door. honesty.
what pose is taken to gain? mirrored flexing. cogitation.
a touch. that can’t be taken. dress up to pursue. survival.
waiting without. chase. bending as quick as possibility
behind an unfamiliar face. affirming sometimes.
a single place.