Oh my God OH MY GOD!

The Internet man came today and I literally danced  at him in the doorway, like I was greeting a tribal chief.

I am smack dead in the middle of Manhattan BLOG FAMILY!! Let me tell you, the last two weeks = completely most stressful part of the journey. I suppose there’s some irony there.

My present situation is insane, I haven’t stopped praising the heavens over it, trust me. But it’s funny, I’ve been here for nearly one week – and I don’t really feel like it sunk in until today.

Maybe that’s because I was so excited to have you all back in my living room again… (THANK YOU INTERNET MAN!)

Seriously. When I set off on mission a la “ummm… I think I’ll go back to New York City” … I never expected this (tee hee!!).

Welcome to the new FollowMeToNYC headquarters. Let’s write.















Sometimes I even amaze myself.