tick tock. move. shift.

February 24, 2014 Posted by gretchen

Namaste lovers

I’m moving. Again. It’s my fourth move in the past 24 months. Naturally, we’re staying in Manhattan, but I IMG_0931need to be closer to Central Park. So the new place is half a block from there. Also, with spring arriving at some stage, I decided the puppies needed an enormous deck – in the center guts of the city.


Ever since I met someone interesting a few weeks back, I’ve been feeling more and more like myself. Poetry continues to flow freely and life is swirling around in reasonable, natural ways in my microscopic pocket of the vast land that is Earth. (more…)


a galaxy’s greeting

February 18, 2014 Posted by gretchen

a galaxy’s greeting

it was another new york city bar.
turning my head toward a light injection,
i didn’t realize life came so far.
i didn’t know i needed protection.
ethereal ignition and i shook
and he sat and i turned and we both looked.
to think my glow could be something past. took.
i straightened my shoulders. slammed shut a book.
i curled my toes and rotated ankles
with life slipping smooth. sand in my fingers.
undermine soul, attempt being thankful.
when infinite takes shape in sudden form,
wish on stars counting ways to be reborn.


midnight on my best valentine(‘s)

February 15, 2014 Posted by gretchen

We’re moving blog tribe. Upper West Side. Bet.

When life changes rapidly, I’ve remembered the most wonderful way of recollecting. I’m not even sure if that maks sense. But you know us Artists. These flightly dream-thoughts, and such…

Never the less.

I helped manifest a living space with a legitimate bedroom and a patio that equivocates to the average square footage of the two midtown studios I have dwelled in over the past 36 months.

And I’m writing poetry

spiegel im spiegel

i stretched again when he touched my shaking
at midnight on valentine’s day. we kissed
in new york city and he said that my …
we … there was this: recognized. of flavor.
to realize you are only you in
what was never captured or seen or missed.
redefine yes and assassinate; “Bye.”
cracked bones. repairing. from once. devoured.
identifying my only making.
photos of prior blissfully dismissed.
replacing. dead. life. with each breathless sigh.
sky scraping spine. another world tower.
we sang youth dreams and sipped evening tea. you
identify me. and we define we.


that book proposal. a thousand posts.

February 11, 2014 Posted by gretchen

There are a thousand posts drifting amongst the waves of FollowMeToNYC… that’s minus the one hundred and IMG_0797thirty some odd I stripped because, yeah.

I suppose with all of that bloody content, I must complete my book proposal!

There are a few reasons why I haven’t finished it yet. Mainly, there was no happy ending. And I needed one. See, I believe in happy endings – a lot. I guess that’s why the two disasters I married were so tedious to manage. There was never going to be a happy ending, I never sincerely believed it for a minute with either of them.

Never the less. My un-crankiness has reached new heights and I am expanding my consciousness. It’s about time I’d say.

I was bugging for a minute.

IMG_0738Winter in New York City is driving most people mad as every day essentially delivers another Polar Vortex. Fronkles is still itchy and Blue Pearl still thinks I’m giving them another $600 for doing absolutely not one damn thing.

I’m trying to focus on relaxing. A mate of mine recently commented on my habit to stop breathing. I never really noticed that I hold my breathe before. I’m trying to undo that and I think it will help with my book proposal.

In addition to the nonfiction book, I’m still mulling over poetry in preparation for a “lost files” edition. Another idea I’m contemplating is a combined collection of poetry, short stories and perhaps some photos.

Oh inspiration, how I missed you so.


delineate sentient

February 10, 2014 Posted by gretchen

delineate sentient

He has a floating way of approaching
And I lifted from the ground at first sight.
A concept of not learning but knowing,
Methods to certainty express white light.
And he… and I… in this mix of madness
Recognized memory, we both became
An extended level none can practice.
Realization that one can mean the same.
Composing symphony awakenings,
Trembling within arrival’s essence –
To understand giving without taking.
Recapture the notion of making sense.
There is a place within where he resides,
Redefinition of being alive.

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