portrait of survival: singing. me. beautiful.

if. i might.
ask. you…
can you sacrifice the rest?
look. i don’t.
it’s not this. hard.
hiding. believing that.
what most.
tell how i pretend.
i turned. urgent.
no one. over a shoulder.
i only desire one place, to lean…
this. many. thoughts.
razor blade tears.
something is saying you also. he(re/ar)
losing. to listen.
speaking. to me…
trails of your fingertips. touching my face.
don’t tell. how…
sometimes. suffering.
breeze flavored with nothing. but you…
i hurt. myself.
looking. outside.
needing confirmation of ability. to will.
there is no. way.
bending toward.
has it not been mentioned?
i do not break.