This morning I awoke to chimes of messages from two of my sisters in Australia, the midnight hour just struck on their side of the world and they sang me awake with “LOVE AND MISS YOU”s!!

Tonight will be spent with another one of my girls.

As one of five girls myself, I’m completely partial to my ladies (no offense fellas…). 2011 was rough. Last year around this time, my depression was so out of control –  I actually stopped talking.

When I found out about the nonsense  someone I thought I respected, someone I spent a lot of time with, was carrying on with a few months ago – I officially snapped. And while I am still piecing back together after weeks of feeling angry and disgusted – I have my girls to thank.

And my psychologist, naturally, who also happens to be a woman.

Maybe I do have some resolutions for 2012 after all. I’m going to let go of things that hurt me, grip what I love until it turns violet, and spread love throughout the Universe each and every day. As someone who meditates daily with a focus on surrounding this crazy world of ours in golden light, I think in 2012 I need to love mySelf the same way.

I’m also going to keep loving you and you and you. I realize I can’t snap my fingers and have everything in life perfect itself because it’s a new year…

… or maybe I can?