One of the bragging rights of FollowMeToNYC is having about 400 of our cult affiliates subscribed to my RSS feed. Imagine how many I’ll get when I figure out how to get back the magic button that allows people to subscribe… not quite sure where that one went.

This morning as my espresso bubbled and I watched the sunrise over the east river, I contemplated this. I also contemplated how much fun I had running around in the forest with my family over the weekend. A few pieces of it anyways… there were parents, three sisters, two brothers, a niece, six dogs, you know… a mix.

When I was in Australia I literally had one person who swore allegiance to me. You can imagine my dismay when that one person made the choice to leave. I’m around my blood tribe now, and soul circle board members who have been in the gretchen game since single digits.

Sometimes, you really need certain people in your life. Sometimes it’s serious.

I grew up in a house with seven humans and two furry creatures. I require regular social interactions to make sense of my life. Not interactions with just anyone, mind you. Very specific ones – such as blog posting with you or ranting to my parents or siblings. And let’s not forget to mention my valuable inky interactions.

Chris and I had dinner in the east village last night and I told him I feel stronger than I have since getting back to town.